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Office Space Available from Nada Mangialetti, Ph.D.

  • 7 Dec 2022 2:47 PM
    Message # 13017644
    Dr. John Souza, Jr. (Administrator)

    From Nada Mangialetti, Ph.D. 

    I am a licensed clinical psychologist with a solo private practice. As  

    I approach retirement, I am finding that it is no longer cost  
    effective for me to maintain my office in Kapolei, as I am taking  
    fewer clients and seeing many of them  online. Therefore, I am looking  
    to rent my office, full-time, to a fellow mental health professional.

    The office is fully-furnished, containing a couch, big easy chair,  
    desk, office chair and shoji screen; also a bookcase and file cabinet,  
    both of which will be emptied for your use. The office includes a  
    private bathroom and side room containing a microwave oven and small  
    refrigerator. There is free ethernet internet connection and a  
    printer/copier. (You would have to pay for your own ink cartridges and  
    paper.) You will have control of the AC which, during my part-time  
    use, has run under $100/month. Free reserved parking for you. Free  
    curb parking for clients.

    This office has worked well during the pandemic, and will continue to  
    be a boon if/when another surge occurs. It is on the ground floor,  
    with the front and back doors on opposite walls. After each  
    appointment, opening both doors simultaneously creates a wind tunnel  
    which sucks out the indoor air, replacing it with fresh outdoor air.

    Rent is deliberately set low because I would like to reserve the right  
    to have access (during off hours) to a small under-the-stairs storage  
    area which contains archived files; and I would like to be able to  
    see, in the office, a maximum of four clients a week, which I would  
    schedule around your needs. Most weeks, there will be only one or two  
    clients. Many weeks, sometimes months, (when I am on the mainland)  
    there will be none.

    $950/month. One-year lease, with option to renew for longer term, if  
    both parties agree.

    Date available: Within one month of signing lease.

    Contact: Nada Mangialetti, Ph.D.  (808) 292-1440     Dr

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